Covid-19 Info

To all Primp guests,
We hope this message finds you all healthy and safe. We have been closely following and monitoring the situation at the statewide, county wide and city wide levels and we are pleased to announce that as of May 1st, Primp will officially be open for business! The Primp team has studied and implemented all new protocols and we again make our commitment to you to provide the safest space we can during this time. That being said, we will have to adjust to this “new normal” we all keep hearing about. We wanted to send this email so you all will have an idea of what that will look like here at Primp.

How to prepare for your appointment and what to expect:
 Masks are now a requirement, not just for us as service providers, but for you as guests. Think of them as your stylish new accessory. Please bring a mask that hooks behind your ears that can either be thrown away or laundered (as there will always be a risk of color staining). You MUST have a mask on to enter the salon.
– When arriving at the salon, please remain in your vehicle until your stylist contacts you. We no longer have a waiting area and we have very strict rules on how many people can be in the salon. Therefore, only the person receiving a service will be allowed in the building. The text you receive will also include a health questionnaire. Here is an example of what you will receive: 

Hi and welcome to Primp Hair Studio!
Your stylist is ready for you after we receive the answers to the following required questions:
– Are you wearing a mask?
– Have you had a cough?
– Have you had a fever?
– Have you been around anyone with these symptoms within the past 14 days?
– Are you living with anyone who is sick or quarantined?

– If the answer to the first is no or any of the other 4 are yes, then we cannot, by law, allow you to come into the building and will assist you in rescheduling your services.

 Upon entering the salon, your temperature will be read. If the reading is above 100.4 then we cannot complete your service that day and will assist you in rescheduling your services via phone. 
 As much as we have missed all of you, there can be no hugs or handshakes. Waves, air high fives, and socially distanced dance moves are all acceptable forms of greetings. 
– There will be one chair for each client. Unless you need to use the restroom, please remain at that station in order to assist the stylists and other guests with social distancing. 
 Please do not bring any personal items (coats, hats, laptops, etc) into the salon that you do not wish to hold besides a water bottle (as we can no longer supply drinks) and small purse or form of payment. There will be no place to set any belongings. 
 We love recommending the best product to maintain your look at home! Currently the retail products will be kept behind the front desk and will be collected by your stylist at time of checkout so please ask us if there’s anything you’d like to purchase. If you would like to come to the salon just to buy product, please contact your stylist directly or call the salon to set up a time to do that. 
– Please understand that we are each doing our best under very strict guidelines. We as service providers also have to have our temperature taken before each shift, in addition to daily symptom checks. But also, please remember it is Spring and we all have allergies, so if we cough or sneeze intermittently, please don’t worry. None of us would risk our livelihoods or our clients safety by coming to work sick. We ask that you do the same and please reschedule if you are not feeling well. Knowing that we understand allergies very well, if you come into the salon and you are coughing often, we will have to ask you to leave. We don’t want any other guests to feel unsafe and we can’t take any risks. Please be understanding about this and there is no need to be embarrassed if we have to reschedule! We all are doing our best in an unimaginable situation, so we ask for some grace while we adjust.

We are so thankful for our clients and can’t wait to fix all this overgrown quarantine hair! Now more than ever the best way you can help your stylist and local business is to tell your friends! We are unable to hand out business cards currently, but a tagged social media post or Google review is so treasured to us. Thank you for supporting your local salon and we can’t wait to see you all!!
Sarah Renee & Primp Team (Laila, Kesley, & Becca)